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Ancestral Futurisms

Join us virtually on February 24-26 2022! 

In an effort to accommodate the online venue, we will limit the number of presenting sessions. However, because one of the defining aspects of the CMRS conference is the community we cultivate by coming together, there will be more opportunities for connection, networking, collaborating, and engagement for all attendees, both who are new and those familiar with the field.

Virtual 2022 Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference kelly.f.jackson@asu.edu

Donation & Sponsorship

Your support for the 2022 CMRS Conference can provide opportunities for ASU and the larger Arizona community to learn, engage, and collaborate with local, national, and international scholars, artists, activists, students, clinicians, and community organizations who are interested in addressing our changing demographics and building meaningful dialogue and action that speaks to our collective humanity and growing diversity of lived experiences. We appreciate a donation of any amount to better serve the CMRS community. 

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"Critical Mixed Race Studies is about recognizing the totality of one's heritage-seeing race and systems of racism in the particular context of mixed race and talking about what this means for our lives and communities today, what it has meant historically, and what we might envision our futures to be like, and what we can do now to help in anti-racist struggles across many different communities." – CMRS Co-Founder and Artist Dr. Laura Kina

"CMRS offers so much: cutting-edge research, diverse topics, arts and entertainment and a chance to build community." – Thomas Lopez, Multiracial Community Organizer

"Much of the work presented at CMRS is issue-based, and many of the connections and relationships that are established in these spaces have led to more direct activism." – Rob Buscher, Contributor of the Pacific Citizen

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